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has not yet been identified. >> east coast after days of deliberation and controversy new york city marathon has been cancelled. the decision that this is just not the right time to hold the race. power coming back to the skyline. the mayor says conedison hoping to have most of the outages resolved by tonight. 3.8 million homes and businesses in the east are still without power, down from 8.5 million. california is helping to get power back on. trucks are being loaded on to aircraft in riverside county. pg&e announced it's sending 100 workers to the zaft yefr zone to help in efforts. 150 others sent out this week. >> tensions running high among those affected by the hurricane. and the suburbs may have to wait for a week with a cold front coming up. death toll now stands at 97. 40 fatalities occurred in new york city. the damage could hit $50 billion, second only to hurricane katrina. >> dozens of red cross volunteers from the bay area in new york now helping with disaster relief. 50 volunteers on 10 day to three week missions servinging people displaced or without supplies thousands
government, city employees have been working 24/7. >> new york city announced today that thousands of voters will cast their ballots at different polling places on tuesday because sandy damaged this places where they were originally assigned to vote. >>> sandy forced the cancellation of the new york city marathon, and hundreds of the runners decided instead to help storm victims. they raised money and gathered supplies. other runners, disappoint overall the cancellation of the marathon, ran the 26.2-miles in central park. >> crews loaded relief supplies on to freighters at oakland international airport. the giant 747 airliners will carry tons of relief supplies. one jet left this afternoon. another scheduled to take off later. the supplies came from the sharp arm my depot in tracy. >> disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to victims. disney is kicking it off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to relief efforts. you can also donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-helpnow or going ongoing to red
suspects one by one by a mob last month. investigators arrested nicholas hudson in new york city. police want to you take a look at these pictures of other suspects if you recognize them. this man accused of using his skateboard to smash out windows. they say he is barricade to damage the windshield of the bus. this driver was able to get aeng passengers off safely. >> let's talk about the election. it's was remarkable and driven in large part by the rising influence of social media. abc 7 news follows this closely for us and is here with a look at how the election played out online. >> we've been talking about how it's been at the center of the election. twitter tallied 31 million tweets including this one. this became the most-liked photo with over three million likes and growing this, is in contrast to mitt romney, a man of few words, two words to be exact. posting thank you to supporters today. he hasn't tweeted since yesterday morning but someone on you tube took liberty of putting words in his mouth. check out this video. this doctors video of romney singing his speech has well ove
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3